Dorothy Perkins - Wrong Item-- NO response from Customer Service

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First problem-- I bought shoes in a size US 8-- I received a size US 9. I checked my order confirmation over and over to make sure it wasnt my mistake, it was clearly their mistake and they sent me the wrong size.

I emailed them 10 times, and called another 10 times! I NEVER got a response, not a sorry, not an answer-- -NOTHING!

I will never buy from this site again. They sent the wrong product and never responded.

Sure you can get things cheap--but seems like a gamble.

I will never buy from them again.

I would give 0 stars if I could!

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Dorothy Perkins - Unacceptable

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they have had my package in the US for a week and it hasnt moved!!!Its already a week late, Customer servic eonly continues to give me my tracking is that doing me any good if I know about it and can see my package hasnt moved.

I'm so disgusted with how this site works...You bet I won't be paying for a return label if I'm unsatisfied. I will make sure one IS PROVIDED TO ME. I'm so aggravated and annoyed with them.


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Dorothy Perkins US Division

Fargo, North Dakota 4 comments
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In February, I ordered a swim suit from Dorothy Perkins (US Division) paying the lowest shipping service provided at a charge of $10.On March 1st, I received an email notifying me that my order had been dispatched.

It is now 3/16/2012 and I still do not have my order. I have emailed the company twice and called their number which gave me a voicemail that I left a message on and no one has contacted me. I will be starting fraud proceedings with my bank this afternoon.

I highly recommend NOT purchasing from this company unless you think it is a charity and you want to donate.Disgusted beyond belief.


New York, New York, United States #784520

I am a Brit/American who recently moved from London to New York and I also had a terrible experience with Dorothy Perkins.I wanted to replace my jeans and ordered exactly as the label read without checking the size chart (I didn't think I needed to).

They ordered a 10 and they sent a 14. I thought they made a mistake, but apparently when shipping to the US they automatically convert the sizing. There's nothing I can do except pay $50+ to return ship or keep the merchandise I cannot wear. I was intending to re-order the correct size, but now I don't want to deal with them at all.

What further angered me was that they are not running a proper US operation, but rather some confused mix.

They don't have US customer service (but rather the typical rude UK call line), don't exchange and won't subsidize international shipping costs. Their operator was rude ("computer says no") and actually asked me if I was 4 hours behind (what? no one in the US is 4 hours behind the UK) and when they said a supervisor was not available but could call me later, they called me at 5:30am the next morning.

I don't see why anyone in the US would ever shop with Dorothy Perkins.

They don't permit exchanges and require you to return to the UK at your own expense.There are so many great competitor options domestically, I would strongly advise not to shop with them.


Boycott dorothy perkins.Their delivery and shipping is a piece of ***.All you do is give them money.I waited for 1 month to get my order and they still sent me the wrong size.!!! disgusted!


I am having a terrible time with returns, too.I ordered $140 in clothing, which took almost a month to arrive.

None of it fit, so I had to return it. I used the pre-printed return label (you have to pay for your own return shipping), and 2 months later, still no return credit. Just today, I received the package back. The return label (the one they provided) had totally faded and was not readable by the postal service.

I searched the website for a customer contact number and one does not exist anymore. All they have is a web form. This is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. In today's modern online shopping world, this is 20 steps below adequate customer service.

Will NEVER order from Dorothy Perkins again.

PS the quality is terrible, too.You are much better off buying at Forever 21 in US.


I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from them, received both of them in the wrong size...Pay $25 for the shipping, because they didn't even include return label.contacted customer service for this matter- no response.Now trying to check if they receive the package back and it gives me the option to create the return again... Now I'm not even sure that I will get the refund for the shoes...! so upset with this company!

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